Pars Lamassu Bazargan Company was established and registered with the aim of providing innovative packaging, marketing and quality service. The company launches Lamassu Dates in packages of 1, 2 and 4 grams as well as 1, 2, 3 and 4kg.
Variety of packaging, no need to store Dates in the refrigerator as well as reasonable prices, have made the products welcomed by major stores, supermarkets and consumers.

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The Mythical Lamassu: Impressive Symbols for Mesopotamian and Iran Protection
Lamassu are human-headed, eagle-winged, bulls or lions that once protected cities in Mesopotamia. They were believed to be very powerful creatures, and served both as a clear reminder of the king’s ultimate authority and as symbols of protection for all people.

The most famous colossal statues of Lamassu have been excavated at the sites of the Assyrian capitals established by King Assurnasirpal II (reigned 883 – ۸۵۹ BC) and King Sargon II (reigned 721 – ۷۰۵ BC). The winged beasts from Nimrud in Iraq and (king XerxesI_5BC
,persepolise Iran)
Every important city wanted to have Lamassu protect the gateway to their citadel. At the same time, another winged creature was made to keep watch at the throne room entrance. Additionally, they were the guardians who inspired armies to protect their cities. The Mesopotamians believed that Lamassu frightened away the forces of chaos and brought peace to their homes. Lamassu in the Akkadian language means protective spirits
Lamassu frequently appear in Mesopotamian art and mythology

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