Health benefits of Zahedi dates

Zahedi dates, along with their high nutritional value, have numerous health benefits including cancer prevention, osteoporosis, digestive problems and …

Bushehr, Fars and Hormozgan provinces have the largest share in producing Zahedi dates and exporting dates. The hot and dry climate of these areas has provided the perfect conditions for the growth of the best Zahedi dates in these areas.

The following is a general overview of the stages and timing of growth and date formation.

“We have built a strong and close relationship in countries by relying on our many years of continuous efforts in the export of dates, connecting with hundreds of manufacturing plants, trading and trading companies, relying on our many years of information and experience in trading. Foreigners are ready to provide services

Why export dates LAMASSU؟

Pars Lamasu Company as the largest date and packaging company exporting dates in Iran offers the best and most desirable Zahedi dates in Iran and neighboring countries.
As explained above, these dates are easily cultivated in many of Iran’s fertile provinces and are therefore well priced. The quality of Zahedi dates varies depending on the size, meat, harvesting and harvesting conditions, and is therefore packaged as first, second, or sometimes third grade, which is solely and solely in Pars Lamasso. The first grade of this date, which is the most desirable type of Zahedi, is sold.


Due to the specific harvesting, shipping, packaging, warehousing and customer-centric conditions that these products have, one can boldly say that one of the best choices for purchasing and ordering dates is undoubtedly Pars Lamasso’s all-in-one storage conditions. And has provided the maintenance of dates in the best conditions and the highest standards.

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