The effect of dates on skin and hair

خرید خرما عمده+خرمای پیارم

۱٫ Facial skin rejuvenation

Date fruits contain high levels of vitamins C and D which reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

The palm kernel also contains phytohormones that have significant anti-aging effects and prevent wrinkles.

۲٫ Boost and enhance hair growth

Dates have high iron, which increases blood circulation to the scalp, boosts and enhances hair growth, and also helps prevent hair loss.

Medicinal and therapeutic benefits of dates for body health

۳٫ Fatty liver

Dates are useful for improving liver health and preventing fatty liver disease, as well as increasing the detoxification of the liver.

۱۰ Soak in water until morning and eat fasting in the morning.

۴٫ Cold and sore throat

Use dates to help prevent and treat colds, fever, and sore throats.

Consume dates with milk

Squeeze 5 dates of barbecue dates and add to a bowl of milk and boil it to treat colds, fever and cough.

۵٫ Diabetes and blood sugar

Dates have a low glycemic index and do not increase blood sugar in diabetics after consumption. Zinc and magnesium in dates are useful for regulating the blood sugar of people with type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin A found in dates improves eye health and prevents blindness in diabetics.

۶٫ Fetuses and pregnant women

مصرف روزانه خرما از یبوست در زنان باردار جلوگیری می کند.

سطح بالای آهن موجود در خرما می تواند کم خونی زنان باردار را درمان کند، عضلات رحم را تقویت کرده و باعث افزایش شیر مادر در دوران شیردهی می شود.

خرما باعث افزایش هوش و تقویت حافظه جنین می شود.

یک مطالعه نشان داده که خوردن خرما چهار هفته قبل از زایمان می تواند زایمان را آسان تر کند.

بعد از بارداری، خوردن خرما می تواند به کاهش وزن و بازگشت به وزن ایده آل کمک کند.

۷٫ Babies and children

Eating dates daily prevents constipation in pregnant women.

High levels of iron found in dates can cure anemia in pregnant women, strengthen the uterine muscles and increase breast milk during lactation.

Dates increase intelligence and enhance fetal memory.

One study has shown that eating dates four weeks before delivery can make it easier to give birth.

After pregnancy, eating dates can help you lose weight and return to your ideal weight.

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Studies have shown that dates are helpful in treating sexual dysfunction in men, as well as dates due to high levels of flavonoids, which increase sperm count and infertility treatment.

Consume dates with milk and honey

Crush a number of dates and pour in goat’s milk then mix with a little honey and eat.

Stomach and stomach ulcer

Fiber found in dates helps to promote good bacteria in the stomach and is useful for treating stomach aches, stomach ulcers and digestive tract strengthening.

Constipation and diarrhea

Dates contain high potassium, which is known to be an effective way to treat diarrhea, as well as soluble fiber found in dates to improve diarrhea.

Dates as a mild laxative increase intestinal motility and are useful in the treatment of constipation, it is recommended to soak the dates overnight in water

 Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids

Inadequate fiber intake may cause hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Due to high amounts of fiber, it helps to treat this painful disease.

. Blood fat

Studies show that high levels of antioxidants and fiber in dates help lower blood cholesterol and triglycerides.

. Blood pressure

Dates contain high amounts of potassium and magnesium, which balance the body’s electrolytes and help lower blood pressure.

. Heart health

Due to the high levels of antioxidants and nutrients, dates help heart health. Dates also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack by lowering fat and high blood pressure.

In traditional medicine, it is recommended to soak some dates in the water in the night and eat them in the morning fast.


High amounts of B vitamins found in dates are helpful in treating migraine headaches.

Weight loss and weight loss

High levels of fiber in the dates reduce appetite and help to lose weight and help people lose weight.

Nutritionists recommend using dates as a snack to get to your ideal weight sooner.

 Obesity and weight gain

Dates contain high amounts of natural sugar, protein and essential vitamins that are good for obesity and overweight in lean people.


Dates contain high amounts of carbohydrates that strengthen muscles in athletes and bodybuilders, and the natural sugars such as fructose and glucose provide the energy needed for bodybuilding exercises.

 Treatment of anemia

Dates contain high levels of iron, which helps to treat anemia or anemia by increasing red blood cells. Dates are known as a good dietary supplement for people with anemia, as well as diminishing fatigue and lack of energy in people with anemia.

. Cancer

Research has shown that consumption of dates due to their high levels of antioxidants reduces the risk of various cancers, especially gastric, colon and colon cancers.


It has been said that daily use of dates is useful for enhancing vision and treating ophthalmic and night blindness.

Seasonal allergies

Dates contain high levels of organic sulfur, which are useful for treating allergies and seasonal allergies.


Calcium and phosphorus in dates help boost bone growth and reduce the risk of diseases like osteoporosis.


Preliminary research shows that high levels of antioxidants and nutrients in dates help reduce brain inflammation by reducing inflammation in the body and eliminating the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.