Pars Lamasso Bazargan Co-operative Group started working with in 1396 in the field of palm products and palm.

This collection, with the help of experienced traders in juveniles familiar with the technologies of production and packaging of Dates and especially Dates, has always shone in the field of international export and trade.

One of the goals of our collection is to eliminate brokers and reduce the price of Dates

خرید عمده+خرما + +بوشهر+پارس لاماسو صادرات خرما+ صادرات خرمای ایرانی+بازرگان

Mohammad Jeddi


خرید عمده+خرما + +بوشهر+پارس لاماسو صادرات خرما+ صادرات خرمای ایرانی+بازرگان

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Kabakab and Zahedi Dates in Bushehr province

Bushehr province has a privileged position in producing Dates. This province has a special tendency in producing Dates relative to the whole country of Iran. In addition, Dashtestan for three perspectives: performance, scale and location index is the best place for date production in the province 

Annually, 150 thousand tons of Dates are produced in Bushehr province, most of which is Kabkab Dates and part of it is Zahedi Dates. from this, 25 thousand tons of Dates worth $30 million, most of which are Zahedi Dates, are exported abroad.


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